The Car Seat Lady responds to Consumer Reports’ April 2014 Infant Car Seat Ratings

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How to Wear Your Seat Belt While Pregnant

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>American Academy of Pediatrics Says Rear-facing Until Age 2 in New Policy Statement Published 3/21/11

> Alisa Baer, MD – Pediatrician & The Car Seat Lady – explains the 5 key points in the new recommendations so you have the information you need to keep your child as safe as possible.   For more information, go to to the AAP’s 2011 Car Seat Guide for Families

>Can you spot the MISUSE in this NomieBaby picture?

> Unbelievable!! I got an email yesterday from with this picture. Why would I recommend a product that not only violates the instructions & warranty of basically every car seat (including the Britax Roundabout this child is riding in) – but is designed by someone who can’t even strap her own daughter (child in pic) properly … Continue reading

(most) Coats & Car Seats are NOT a safe combo – learn how to keep kids WARM & SAFE)

Does winter time in your car ever look like this?   Have you ever struggled to just get the harness buckled when your child is wearing a coat?  Notice how the girl on the left doesn’t even have the buckle between her legs fastened as there wasn’t enough room in the straps with the bulky coat … Continue reading

The Dangers of Fluff in the Car Seat (including coats, snowsuits & even the Bundle Me)

>Answers to "Mistake Monday" 4/5/10

>ANSWERS: (please see bottom of page for teaching points on LATCH) MISUSE The lower anchor belt & vehicle shoulder/lap belt are BOTH used The lower anchor belt is used in the center seat – in a vehicle which only has the lower anchors for the two side seating positions in the back seat The vehicle’s … Continue reading

>Answers to "Mistake Monday" 3/8/10

> ANSWERS: (please see bottom of page for teaching points & printable tip sheets for parents) MISUSE – Girl in front: Shoulder belt under her arm– Girl in back: Lap belt high on her belly (note: the shoulder belt rubbing her neck is not likely to cause injury in a crash) INJURY PATTERNS ASSOCIATED WITH THE … Continue reading

>Monday’s Mistake – can you spot the mistake/s in the picture?

>To continue on our booster theme from last week, I thought I’d show two more common mistakes seen with booster seats.  Many parents think that because boosters are so easy to use (no installation required) that there couldn’t possibly be a way to use them wrong.  Unfortunately, many booster seats are used improperly (like the … Continue reading

>Monday’s Mistake – can you spot the mistake/s in the picture?

>These pictures show two kids riding in their Graco Turbo Booster.Can you identify the TWO mistakes in the girl’s picture and the TWO mistakes in the boy’s picture?Post your answers below – can you spot all three mistakes? I will post the answers on Tuesday. Please note: These photos were not staged.  These photos were … Continue reading