How to Wear Your Seat Belt While Pregnant

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Prevent Strangulation – learn how to “lock” the seat belt

PROBLEM: Kids will be kids.  Strapped in with nothing to do, kids will find something – anything – to play with.  Unfortunately, several dozen kids have nearly strangled to death after finding an unused shoulder belt, and in the midst of playing with it, wrapped it around their neck. You might be thinking: “Why can’t … Continue reading

Tips for Safe (and Convenient) Taxi Travel

AVOID REGRETS: TIPS FOR TRAVELING SAFELY IN TAXIS In NYC in 2000 (the most recent year for which data are available) 2,600 children were injured in 17,000 taxi-related accidents.  Studies show that NYC taxi passengers are 2.5 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed than the passengers in the other vehicle involved in … Continue reading

>Answers to "Mistake Monday" 3/8/10

> ANSWERS: (please see bottom of page for teaching points & printable tip sheets for parents) MISUSE – Girl in front: Shoulder belt under her arm– Girl in back: Lap belt high on her belly (note: the shoulder belt rubbing her neck is not likely to cause injury in a crash) INJURY PATTERNS ASSOCIATED WITH THE … Continue reading