NYC Taxi of Tomorrow Survey – Let YOUR VOICE BE HEARD when The Car Seat Lady meets with the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission

On 4/15/11 The Car Seat Lady met with the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission to discuss the safety of children in NYC Taxis. We outlined the problem as it currently exists, and proposed feasible solutions (i.e. built in car seats & boosters). Under a project known as the Taxi of Tomorrow, the T&LC is in … Continue reading

>Vehicle Owner’s Manuals (past & present) available for FREE ONLINE

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The Car Seat Lady does NOT RECOMMEND the Easycarseat Inflatable Booster as it FAILED US crash testing (according to official testing results released by Easycarseat)

***Update 7/15/11*** The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contacted Easycarseat in late April and sent a letter requesting information about their child restraints.  EasyCarSeat responded that a very small number of restraints were incorrectly sold to US customers, and those units have been recalled.  Easycarseat indicated it has no intention to sell restraints in the US until additional testing is … Continue reading