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35 Responses to “Strollers”
  1. noah says:

    Can you provide a list of all double strollers that i can use the Chicco Fit car seat with?
    Thank you!

    • @Noah – we have only included car seats that have a European-style belt path – and the Chicco has an American-style belt path. The European-style belt path yields a much more secure installation in a much wider variety of cars than the American style belt path.

  2. F pug says:

    Do you know if the britax chaperone will nestle into the combi double stroller? Looking for a stroller for car and shopping. Thank you.

    • @F pug – The combi double stroller only takes combi seats. “nestling” a car seat into a stroller it wasn’t designed for is a recipe for disaster as this is one way that kids fall out of strollers.

  3. Kellie says:

    Hi can you tell me if the cybex atton 2 is compatible with the mother care orb? Would I need to use adaptors?

  4. Ms. Luke says:

    I have researched and researched with no luck to find an answer to my question. Hopefully you can help me 🙂
    I have a couple of years old maxi cosi stroller but will receive a new chicco keyfit 30 car seat from the children’s hospital in a few days. (The Maxi cosi car seat has expired) What do I need to do to be able to use the chicco car seat on the maxi cosi stroller? Are there an adaptor to get? If so where and which one? I haven’t find anything.

    I appreciate any help I can get.

  5. Brionna says:

    Do you know of a list of strollers that are compatible with the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat? Great website!!

    • @Brionna – we have decided not to publish the list that includes the Chicco as the Chicco does not offer a European-style belt path for installing the carrier without the base, and we feel this is a really important safety feature for those who may use the carrier without the base.

  6. Alison says:

    I had a wonderful graco stroller and carseat but now I need a double stroller as my daughter is not ready to be out of hers and my son is on his way. I don’t want to have to buy another car seat since I have a perfectly good one I just want a stroller that is compatible with the carseat I have. Thoughts?

    • @Alison – You most likely have a Graco Classic Connect car seat – which will fit into any Graco Classic Connect double stroller. You can contact Graco for more help in making sure your car seat will fit on one of their new strollers. Your older seat will not fit on the new Click Connect strollers.

  7. Erin says:

    Does the Cybex Aton work with any twin snap n go type stroller frames?

    • @Erin – The Cybex will work on the Baby Trend Snap N Go double that has “stadium style” seating – where the seat closest to you sits somewhat higher up. The older version of the Baby Trend where both car seats were on the same level does NOT fit the Cybex seats. Please note that no seats actually snap into this snap n’ go – rather they strap onto it. Yes, I know, snap n’ go is a misnomer.

  8. Ashton says:

    Hello, just finding your resource, but wanted to add, the Stokke Scoot and Xplory universal adapters for Maxi Cosi currently do not support the Cybex carseats. However, if someone has the older model Xplory adapter for Maxi Cosi, the Cybex will work on it. The newer redesigned universal adapters are too short to accommodate the Cybex car seats.

  9. Whitney says:

    Is the britax infant car seat compatible with a graco stroller?

    • Graco strollers only take Graco car seats… and now that Graco has a Classic Connect and Click Connect line of strollers and car seats you have to know which one you have as Classics and Clicks don’t interconnect.

  10. Sarah says:


    Can you tell me if the Cybex Aton works with the BOB Revolution? Thank you.

  11. Thanks for this list!
    Wondering though, if it works for Snugride 35 does it mean it will work for Snugride 30? Thank you!

  12. Khi says:

    Really helpful article, thanks a lot. Do you know whether the Snugride 30 also have the european-style routing path for the shoulder belt? I tried comparing their manuals online but neither specifically mention it. Thanks!

  13. Owlyce says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have been scouring the internet all evening for this exact thing! Couldn’t seem to find a compatibility chart anywhere! You are awesome!

  14. Nancy says:

    I’m having a big problem removing my Cybex Aton car seat from the Maxi Cosi adaptors. I purchased the Mamas and Papas Sola stroller and the adaptor/ car seat suggested on your list. Bur can’t seem to remove the car seat from the stroller without removing the adaptors too. Are there instructions I can print some where? I’m assuming the adaptor isn’t supposed to stay with the car seat when I have to put it in the car.

    • Push the gray buttons on the top of the cybex (just in behind the handle) – that will release the stroller adapters. If you look on cybex’s website and see how to release the aton from the cybex strollers it is using the same mechanism. The maxi cosi car seat has gray buttons on the top of it in nearly the identical location that are the way you release the maxi cosi from the adapters.

  15. Alicia says:

    This car sheet is awesome! good tips! Just wanted to add that the favorite car seat / stroller combo in my twin community is the chico keyfit 30 car seats with the Baby Trend double snap n go. There is a YOUTUBE video that explains the installation. For our preemie babies these carseats and stroller were a life saver and lasted us a full year!

    Chicco car seat installation Instruction Video for the Double Snap n Go stroller

    Here is where i blogged about the setup if you are interested. Hope its ok I share your car seat spreadsheet.

    • Alicia – Yes, the Chicco Key Fit works on the Baby Trend Double Snap N Go, as you show in the video – but I chose not to include Snap N Go strollers in this list. As a pediatrician who works in a NICU (that has no weight minimum for babies before going home – so we send 3 pound babies home) – I agree that the Chicco gives an excellent fit for tiny babies (and large babies too…)

  16. Deborah B says:

    I love this! Thank you! Just got an Aton for our latest baby, now 3 weeks old. We LOVE the car seat, although the canopy does have issues. I still would rather keep it though, even with the issues! 🙂

    • Deborah – The canopy on many infant seats is less than ideal – the Aton is no different. You may want to look into the Protect A Bub sunshade as this one works very well.

  17. Christina says:

    You’re amazing! What a great resource and from such a highly trusted source. Thank you!

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