Switch Britax LATCH straps

It is important that the lower anchor connector is always right way up – not upside down, or twisted in order to be right way up.  See this previous post for pictures and info on this.  When switching a Britax convertible** from rear-facing to forward-facing (or from forward-facing to rear-facing) it is necessary to switch the lower anchor straps so that the connector is right way up.

**This video applies to the following Britax convertible seats:

– Britax Marathon, Britax Boulevard, Britax Wizard, Britax Advocate

Note: it does NOT apply to the Britax Marathon Classic, or the Marathon 70, Boulevard 70, or Advocate 70.  There are a few Advocates and Boulevards that were made in 2010 that have a different style LATCH connector that does NOT need to be switched.

One Response to “Switch Britax LATCH straps”
  1. Anne says:

    THANK YOU!!! Spent almost an hour trying to figure this out and the Britax site was NO HELP WHATSOEVER!! Great, clear easy to follow directions! I appreciate it!!

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