Tips for Taxis & Travel


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Taxi & Travel Friendly Car Seats & Boosters


Studies show that NYC taxi passengers are 2.5 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed than the passengers in the other vehicle involved in the crash.  Accidents happen – but you can prevent injuries.  Have NO REGRETS; protect your children. Make sure that quick taxi ride to school or a playdate doesn’t send your child to the hospital.


  • Keep kids rear-facing as long as possible (at least age 2) – it’s 5 times safer than forward-facing!
  • Keep kids in a 5-point harness car seat until at least age 4, at least 40 pounds, AND mature enough to sit in booster
  • Use a booster until the child passes the 5-step test


  • Let anyone ride UNrestrained.  A seat belt is ALWAYS better than nothing.
  • Buckle two people in one belt.  Things in a crash weigh their weight times the speed of a crash.  An adult will weigh several thousand pounds, crushing a child sitting on their lap or carried on their chest.
  • Put the shoulder belt behind the child’s back or under the arm as this removes all head & chest protection
  • Forget your own seat belt. Restrained passengers are 3 times more likely to die if one person in the car is not restrained, as the unrestrained person becomes a human missile.




all below have European-style belt path for carrier (installation video here) + weight max 32lbs


  • Urbini Petal (comes with Touri or Omni travel systems)


CONVERTIBLE SEATS (go REAR facing and then later FORWARD facing)


  • Lily Gold Sit N’ Stroll  **We do NOT recommend this as it does NOT install securely**




CONVERTIBLE SEATS (see Combi Coccoro above)



Big kids are 55% safer in boosters than in just a seat belt (most kids need boosters until age 10-12). Boosters keep the seat belt properly positioned on the strong hip bones. Best of all, boosters require no installation.

FYI: Bubble Bum, Boostapak & Ride Safer Travel Vest pass ALL U.S. crash tests.


Bubble Bum  (an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety “BEST BET” booster)

Backless booster 40-100 lbs. Inflatable, but tough: made of life raft material. Weighs just 1 pound! Super comfortable AND positions seat belt very well. (usage video here)


Safety 1st Boostapak

Backless booster 40-80 lbs. Is a child-size backpack with a booster built in + room for snacks/toys.


Safe Traffic Systems Ride Safer Travel Vest

Acts like a booster to keep seat belt properly positioned. Small (30-60lbs), Large (50-80lbs). Strongly recommend using crotch strap to optimize lap belt positioning. Make sure child does not slouch!



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