Buckling Up Baby

Pediatrician Dr. Alisa Baer, also known as The Car Seat Lady, shows how to properly buckle a child into a car seat with a 5-point-harness. You will learn how to loosen and tighten the straps. You will also learn about what is and is not a good position for the baby’s head – and also tricks to soothing the baby in the car seat.  While the video shows an infant, the techniques of loosening/tightening the straps apply to toddlers & older kids who also ride in 5-point-harness car seats where the straps adjust from the front.

Note:  While this video shows the most common harness type – a 5-point-harness that adjusts from the front – there are some car seats where the harness straps adjust from the back or the side, which require a different technique to get the straps to feel equally snug to what is shown in the video.  Always read your car seat’s manual carefully. 

One Response to “Buckling Up Baby”
  1. Megan says:

    I was just wondering, how can I apply this to my forward-facing car seat? I pull the straps before the tail, but I can’t get behind it because I can’t feasibly buckle my son, then install it. Also, my son is defiant and getting very interested in buckling/unbuckling on his own. So far he only tries to do so when he gets in or I park the car, and I tell him “no no no, only mommy” but how can I make sure I’m not driving down the highway one day and he unbuckles himself?? Thanks!

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