>Rebecca Black – of "Friday" fame – meet Tyler Presnell, he might just save your life!

>Watched this video – Black Friday – that’s become an internet sensation and all I could think was how awful it was that 68 million people have watched a video glorifying behavior that gets kids killed. Rebecca Black and 4 other teenagers pile into a convertible and sing and dance about partying it up – … Continue reading

>American Academy of Pediatrics Says Rear-facing Until Age 2 in New Policy Statement Published 3/21/11

> Alisa Baer, MD – Pediatrician & The Car Seat Lady – explains the 5 key points in the new recommendations so you have the information you need to keep your child as safe as possible.   For more information, go to to the AAP’s 2011 Car Seat Guide for Families

>What does a 36 pound almost-3-year-old look like rear-facing???

> LOVE IT!!! Mom of the 2 kids above sent me this email:  “My son is so happy with his new seat, and actually seems to be more comfortable in it. He fell asleep almost immediately after we left you (and he’s never been a kid who loves to sleep in the car).”  FYI – … Continue reading

>Can you spot the MISUSE in this NomieBaby picture?

> Unbelievable!! I got an email yesterday from NomieBaby.com with this picture. Why would I recommend a product that not only violates the instructions & warranty of basically every car seat (including the Britax Roundabout this child is riding in) – but is designed by someone who can’t even strap her own daughter (child in pic) properly … Continue reading

>LATCH 201 – The Basics

> WHAT LATCH ATTACHMENTS  COME WITH MY CHILD SAFETY SEAT? INFANT SEAT WITH BASE Rear-facing infant seats usually come with a base.LOWER ANCHOR STRAP: permanently attached to the baseTETHER STRAP: no infant seats currently sold in the US use a tether.NOTE: If you want to use the carrier without the base, this is possible with … Continue reading