The Car Seat Lady responds to Consumer Reports’ April 2014 Infant Car Seat Ratings

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Motion Sickness & the “Puking Poncho”

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Keeping your child COOL in the car seat when it is HOT outside

With temperatures reaching 100 degrees in many parts of the US now, many parents are asking “How do I keep my child cool in the car seat while we are driving?  I’m really concerned about my rear-facing child.” Besides the obvious of using the air conditioning in the car (or rolling down the windows if … Continue reading

Graco Snug Ride 30: Shoulder straps come in the WRONG slot for NEWBORNS

When you take a Graco Snug Ride 30 out of its box you will notice that the shoulder straps come from the 2nd of 4 slots – not from the 1st slot as you would expect.  Apparently, Graco thought that most newborns would be too big for the 1st slot (as the seat is designed … Continue reading

Tips for Safe (and Convenient) Taxi Travel

AVOID REGRETS: TIPS FOR TRAVELING SAFELY IN TAXIS In NYC in 2000 (the most recent year for which data are available) 2,600 children were injured in 17,000 taxi-related accidents.  Studies show that NYC taxi passengers are 2.5 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed than the passengers in the other vehicle involved in … Continue reading

Infant Car Seats by starting weight

Car Seat Tips for Preemies & Small NewbornsAre you taking home a baby weighing less than 5 pounds? More than 1 in 10 parents take home a baby weighing less than 5 pounds. Every year, more than 10,000 US babies go home weighing less than 4 pounds!  Just like infant-sized clothes are too big for … Continue reading

>American Academy of Pediatrics Says Rear-facing Until Age 2 in New Policy Statement Published 3/21/11

> Alisa Baer, MD – Pediatrician & The Car Seat Lady – explains the 5 key points in the new recommendations so you have the information you need to keep your child as safe as possible.   For more information, go to to the AAP’s 2011 Car Seat Guide for Families

>Tuesday’s Tech Tip: Why do some vehicle manuals warn that nothing should press against the back of the front passenger seat or be placed under that seat?

> Here’s the Short AnswerThe warning applies to pressure against or objects under the FRONT PASSENGER seat (not the driver seat).  Advanced Air Bags (AAB), which are now standard equipment in all vehicles, use sensors to decide when to deploy.  Pressure against the seatback of the front passenger seat – such as from a rear-facing … Continue reading

>American Academy of Pediatrics Says Rear-facing Until Age 2 (at least)

> REAR-FACING & YOUR TODDLER Evidence-Based Recommendations from  Dr. Alisa Baer – Pediatrician & The Car Seat Lady ** For an easy-to-print version of this tip sheet, click here** Accidents happen – but you can prevent injuries. Car crashes are the #1 cause of preventable death & injury to children in the US. Give your … Continue reading