Motion Sickness & the “Puking Poncho”

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5 Responses to “Motion Sickness & the “Puking Poncho””
  1. Nicole says:

    Can they get their arms out? Can they pull it up and over themselves? My son pukes almost weekly in his car seat. It is a huge issue. I was looking for something like this but want to make sure its what I want before spending 40 dollars

  2. Dawn Ives says:

    do you have a recommendation for cleaning car seats once someone has gotten carsick in them? i know you arent supposed to soak the straps, and that is the part i am having the biggest problem getting the smell out of. Thanks!

    • It can be difficult/impossible to get the vomit smell out of straps. I would suggest ordering a new set of straps from the manufacturer – this is typically possible and usually costs less than $20.

  3. Jane says:

    It is good information about the reasons of feeling sick during a drive and I haven’t heard about this puking poncho before, it’s a great idea, child and car will keep as clean as it is possible in such conditions.

  4. Sharimsh says:

    For my daughter, I’ve actually found a more reclined seat more helpful. If she’s upright she wants to turn her head to look out the side windows. She’s still rear-facing. Also, we have to have her in the center or she *will* get carsick.

    Our son keeps an eye on here, and knows when she’s feeling the slightest bit ill, so we’ll open all the windows and cool air helps tremendously too.

    It also happens more frequently if her stomach is empty, so I make sure to have fed her before we leave, and we always have snacks in the car. I think the snacks help distract her from looking out the windows.

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