Motion Sickness & the “Puking Poncho”

puking poncho.042

As someone who gets very motion sick myself, I can tell you that nothing is 100% in terms of preventing motion sickness. Motion sickness happens because your brain can’t reconcile 2 differing inputs – one from your eyes that tell you that you are moving and the other from the proprioceptors in your skin and … Continue reading

(most) Coats & Car Seats are NOT a safe combo – learn how to keep kids WARM & SAFE)

>(most) Coats & Car Seats are NOT a safe combo (here are ways to keep kids WARM & SAFE)

Does winter time in your car ever look like this?   Have you ever struggled to just get the harness buckled when your child is wearing a coat?  Notice how the girl on the left doesn’t even have the buckle between her legs fastened as there wasn’t enough room in the straps with the bulky coat … Continue reading

The Dangers of Fluff in the Car Seat (including coats, snowsuits & even the Bundle Me)