>Answers to "Mistake Monday" 3/15/10

> ANSWERS: (please see bottom of page for teaching points & a printable version of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ tips for positioning newborns and preemies in car seats) MISUSE – **The baby’s chin is on his chest**– There is an aftermarket infant head support used (the white product behind the child’s head) – Harness straps … Continue reading

>A chilling reminder why kids need car seats on EVERY trip.

> Sometimes you have to try and make lemonade out of lemons.  Perhaps the senseless deaths of so many people in this crash will convince just one parent of the importance of using a car seat on every trip.   Going in someone else’s car – and tempted to not bring your child’s car seat?  Yesterday, … Continue reading

>Riding in Style (and safely too!)

> Silver may be the new black, but safety is the best statement to make.  This 3 year old is 34 pounds and is riding REAR-FACING and in style (check out the silver toe-nail polish!)  

>Monday’s Mistake – can you spot the mistake/s in the picture?

>As you may have guessed, it isn’t enough to be able to spot the misuse (I have picked some obvious examples, I realize) – but rather it is critical to be able to explain why it is a problem AND solutions to correct it.  As a pediatrician working in a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), … Continue reading

>Answers to "Mistake Monday" 3/8/10

> ANSWERS: (please see bottom of page for teaching points & printable tip sheets for parents) MISUSE – Girl in front: Shoulder belt under her arm– Girl in back: Lap belt high on her belly (note: the shoulder belt rubbing her neck is not likely to cause injury in a crash) INJURY PATTERNS ASSOCIATED WITH THE … Continue reading

>Makes My Day!

>Received this email today and had to share – TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!: When my son was 11 months in 2007 Emily (fellow NYC car seat lady) did an amazing job installing his rear-facing convertible seat in our car. When he was 16 months old she talked me out of turning him forward-facing, and at 3.5 … Continue reading

>Monday’s Mistake – can you spot the mistake/s in the picture?

>To continue on our booster theme from last week, I thought I’d show two more common mistakes seen with booster seats.  Many parents think that because boosters are so easy to use (no installation required) that there couldn’t possibly be a way to use them wrong.  Unfortunately, many booster seats are used improperly (like the … Continue reading

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>Thursday’s Travel Tip: Flying (Safely) with Kids – Part 1

>   Poster Text:  You make sure your carry-on bag fits overhead.  You tuck your purse under the seat in front of you.  You secure your seat back and tray table in their upright positions.  Doesn’t your child deserve the same protection?  If there’s turbulence during a flight, a child safety seat is the safest, … Continue reading

>Tuesday’s Tech Tip: Why do some vehicle manuals warn that nothing should press against the back of the front passenger seat or be placed under that seat?

> Here’s the Short AnswerThe warning applies to pressure against or objects under the FRONT PASSENGER seat (not the driver seat).  Advanced Air Bags (AAB), which are now standard equipment in all vehicles, use sensors to decide when to deploy.  Pressure against the seatback of the front passenger seat – such as from a rear-facing … Continue reading