>Packing the car for a weekend getaway? – Tips to make sure cargo doesn’t hurt your most precious cargo (your kids)!

> Does your car look like this  when you pack for a trip?   Did you know that because of the forces in a crash,  things will weigh their usual weight TIMES the speed of a crash?   Your 20 pound stroller will weigh 600 pounds in a 30mph crash!   (20lb x 30mph = 600 lbs) … Continue reading

>An oldie – but most definitely a "goodie". If you think it would be suicide to jump onto a glass roof 30 feet below, why drive at 30mph without a seatbelt?

> Did you know that the forces a body feels at 30mph are the same as if you were to jump from a 3rd floor balcony? This fabulous 1970s public information film from the UK asks this: If you think it would be suicide to jump onto a glass roof 30 feet below, why drive … Continue reading

The Back Seat Missile: Why EVERYONE Needs to Buckle Up… Even Adults in Back

Here are numerous studies that highlight the risks to people who are wearing their seat belt when someone else in the car is NOT wearing their seat belt. Mayrose J, et al. The effect of unrestrained rear-seat passengers on driver mortality. J Trauma. 2006 Nov;61(5):1249-54. CONCLUSIONS: Unrestrained rear-seat passengers place themselves as well as their … Continue reading

>The 5-Step Test – Your Way to Know if a Child Can Ride Safely Without a Booster

>Are you curious if your child is ready to ride safely without a booster?Are you curious if the booster makes the seat belt fit properly? The 5-Step Test is a simple way to see if the vehicle’s seat belt fits the child properly. Kids who can answer “yes” to all 5 questions can ride safely … Continue reading

>LATCH – Tricks to a Tight Installation – How to Pull the Belt Effectively

> Why should I care: LATCH belts are finicky – and will only get tight if you pull them exactly as they want to be pulled.    How do I know if I am pulling the LATCH belt correctly?  If you drop the LATCH belt and it falls on top of the child’s car seat … Continue reading

>Tip Sheets from the Car Seat Lady

> These tip sheets are saved as pdf files – which means that they are easy to share with friends online & also easy to print.  Simply click on the name of the tip sheet to open the document as a Google Doc pdf file.  Sometimes (especially if you are using Firefox as your browser) … Continue reading