>Let’s play – What was the car maker thinking?? (or – were they thinking at all?)

>It’s the disappearing center seat! Why should you care? The center of the back seat is the safest place of the car Studies show kids are 43% safer if they ride in the center instead of the side What does a “normal” center seat look like? 2010 Honda Accord SedanCenter: 15 inches wide What car … Continue reading

>Monday’s Mistake – Humps & Hinges – or "What was the auto maker thinking???"

>This is not the typical mistake Monday – as there aren’t even any car seats in most of the pictures!  The sad part is that these “mistakes” appear in real vehicles – and they make installation of car seats/boosters quite a challenge.  Unfortunately, there were many more vehicles with humps & hinges I could have … Continue reading

>Buying a car? Learn about these must-have safety features before you buy.

> When buying a vehicle (new or used) it’s important to make sure that it will be safe for everyone – the kids & the adults. Deciding which vehicle to buy can be overwhelming, but here are some must-have safety features that might help narrow down your list. The Car Seat Lady feels that the … Continue reading

>Cocco (the Combi Coccoro) and I go to the NY Auto Show

> Cocco (the Combi Coccoro) rides the subway to the NY Auto Show Oh my gosh… I am one exhausted car seat lady!  186 different vehicle models and 7 hours of schlepping a car seat + laptop + camera… but it was all worth it. Stay tuned for the highlights (and the strange but true) … Continue reading

>Answers to "Mistake Monday" 4/5/10

>ANSWERS: (please see bottom of page for teaching points on LATCH) MISUSE The lower anchor belt & vehicle shoulder/lap belt are BOTH used The lower anchor belt is used in the center seat – in a vehicle which only has the lower anchors for the two side seating positions in the back seat The vehicle’s … Continue reading

>Monday’s Mistake – can you spot the mistake/s in the picture?

> This is a forward-facing Britax Boulevard installed in the center of a 2006 Honda Pilot (for those who are curious, the top tether is attached properly – it just isn’t shown in the picture). Stay tuned for some great teaching tips tomorrow on LATCH when I post the answers.