How Much Does the Car Seat Weigh?

how much does my childs seat weigh

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Car Seats & Shopping Carts: A Dangerous Combo


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Car Seats, Boosters & Seat Belts — A Primer (by a Pediatrician) for the Outpatient Pediatrician

csl 5step test graphic w text

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Child Passenger’s Bill of Rights on a Plane

FAA sticker on a car seat (will ALWAYS be in RED)

For more information, see the following FAA documents pertaining to traveling by plane with children in car seats. Regulatory Requirements Regarding Accommodation of Child Restraint Systems FAA Advisory Circular: Use of Child Restraint Systems on Aircraft If you had a bad experience on a flight, let the FAA know – click here. If you purchased a ticket … Continue reading

Combi Coccoro & Zeus Recalls 1/3/14 – ALL you need to know about it

combi recall.003

Combi issued a recall affecting 3 of their convertible car seats today – the Coccoro, the Zeus Turn, and the Zeus 360.  I’d like to explain this recall (and specifically why the car seat is being permitted to be used before the repair has been made) – which requires a little background info, and some … Continue reading

The Car Seat Lady goes point by point on the “2014 Car Seat Law Changes” article on

As a pediatrician and nationally certified child passenger safety instructor – I’m best known as The Car Seat Lady – I am VERY concerned by this recent blog post on the 2014 car seat law changes which appeared on and has gotten a tremendous number of views, but sadly contains a lot of misinformation that could endanger a … Continue reading

The Car Seat Lady explains the 2014 LATCH changes for car seats

csl latch 2014 p.019

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How to Buy a Safe Vehicle for the Entire Family

cropped short range radar for crash avoidance technology

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31 Best Travel Toys under $20 for Babies & Kids


Note: If you click on the link or the image in any of the slides, it will take you to the product’s website (or where you can purchase it, if not available for purchase from the product’s website). All of these products were selected for not only being entertaining without requiring a mess or batteries … Continue reading

Prevent Strangulation – learn how to “lock” the seat belt

>How to outsmart a squirmy worm in a booster - Use the AUTOMATIC LOCKING RETRACTOR. Learn how below...

PROBLEM: Kids will be kids.  Strapped in with nothing to do, kids will find something – anything – to play with.  Unfortunately, several dozen kids have nearly strangled to death after finding an unused shoulder belt, and in the midst of playing with it, wrapped it around their neck. You might be thinking: “Why can’t … Continue reading